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The Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine, The ultimate in convention booth attractions!The Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine: Step into a swirl of money in one of our money blowing machines. Similar in size to a telephone booth, these cash cube money machines attract the attention of people from hundreds of feet away. Raffle off a minute in the cash cube, and let your attendees grab at whatever they can get during that time. Whether you choose to use actual money or coupons for discounts on your goods or services, our cash cube money machines will fit the bill. The sight of a customer flailing around and grabbing at bills is enough to stop even the most purposeful trade show attendee.
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The Prize Vault. Convention attendees can attempt to crack the prize safe!The Prize Vault: Let your attendees guess a six-digit code for a chance to unlock a carefully guarded treasure. Visitors can guess randomly, or choose to have a stack of envelopes filled with combinations, ensuring that one lucky winner will get what's inside. But what is inside? It's your choice. Put money in, or a voucher for services or goods.
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Personalized Convention Giveaways. Discounted ad specialties and logo imprinted products excellent for give aways at conventions. Personalized Convention Giveaways: Want to give your visitors a keepsake they won't soon forget? We offer a huge range of different convention marketing giveaways for any industry event. We have competitive pricing on everything we offer, and we are proud to perform an unprecedented level of customization. Use these convention marketing giveaways as prizes for larger promotions like the Cash Cube Money Machine or Cha Ching! Slot Machine or simply hand them out trade show participants to increase booth traffic. Highly desirable tradeshow giveaways like customized bags, water bottles or T-shirts are useful and attention grabbing, drawing visitors to your booth by the dozens.
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The Convention Marketing Prize Wheel makes your convention display stand out!The Convention Marketing Prize Wheel: Step up and spin the wheel! Our large wheel will stand out amongst the other convention booths, and customers will love the chance to step up and take a spin. Take your pick of either a custom printed wheel of chance, or a wheel with removable face-plates so that you can recreate your wheel with every new promotion. Create dozens of trade show contests and games by switching out prizes and game rules!
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Customizable ATM Promotion: The latest customizable promotion that's sure to draw crowds! The ATM money machine can be put in promotion mode to dispense real notes or coupons, prize vouchers, gift certificates and customized bills from your business. All it takes is one swipe of a promotional card that has a magnetic strip. You can also program it to dispense a custom coupon with every transaction. You can brand it and make your message be seen and remembered with this authentic Promotional ATM Money Machine. Each machine can be programmed to display through and scroll up to 8 pictures or custom messages on its 10-inch color monitor.
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The Portable Photo Booth will attract visitors to your convention booth!The Portable Photo Booth: A photo booth is sure to make your display stand out. Your visitors will get an automatic printout that they can look at in the future, reminding them instantly of the fun they had at your booth. Our photo booth printouts are fully customizable, allowing you to direct your attendees right back to your company whenever they look at the memories they made that day. It's convention marketing that continues long after the displays have been removed.
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The Cha Ching! Slot Machine. Great Casino or Las Vegas Convention entertainment!The Cha Ching! Slot Machine: It works just like the real thing! This slot machine has all the exciting sounds and lights, but it doesn't just run on coins. The prizes - and the odds of winning - are entirely up to you. If you want your convention marketing to attract the media and raise participation, choose larger prizes in an ongoing contest. If you want to encourage people to register and get everyone involved, choose a smaller reward like a discount coupon or small item.
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The Customized Popcorn Machine, a great addition to any Convention booth display.The Popcorn Machine: There is no more effective convention marketing than through the delicious smell of popcorn. Our popcorn machine allows you to completely customize both machine and bags, allowing you to remind your customers that you provided the delicious food. No matter where they go, they'll always remember your brand. We have many different machine and bag styles, all of them customizable with your logo and your choice of colors for maximum impact.
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Treasure Chest Promotion: There's nothing that grabs a trade show attendee's attention more than the chance to discover and win a great prize! Our huge, real wood treasure chests are a prominent attention grabber that you fill with gift certificates, coupons, currency, or logo-printed trade show giveaways.

Hand out keys to passersby and invite them to try their luck at opening the chest. Some will get bogus keys, but the lucky ones will be able to open the chest and pick from the plunder inside. Your display will instantly become memorable, even to the people who don't get prizes. You choose the ratio of prize keys to bogus keys - you're in total control of the amount of loot to give away!
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Prize Decoder: The Traffic Ticket Is YOUR Ticket To Cutting Edge Interactive Promotional Technology! What is the Prize Decoder Traffic Ticket Promotion? It is not a "Match & Win" or "Scratch Off". The Traffic Ticket system is an electronic Interactive Promotional Technology and one of the most effective direct mail tools available. Customers insert the Prize Decoder Traffic Ticket into the Official Prize Center electronic decoder and visually see what prize they have won. Every Traffic Ticket can be a guaranteed winner!
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Show Stopping Robots for Conventions, Conferences, Events and Trade ShowsShow Stopping Robots: It walks, it talks, it's an interactive robot! Amazing in any setting, these robots really come into their own for any kind of technology or toy trade show / convention marketing. But no matter what your industry, people will flock to your booth just to see the robot and talk to him. You'll appreciate his power to draw a crowd when you see the faces gathering - right in front of your display!
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Search Engine Submission ServicesGorilla Robots: Sometimes, bigger really is better. And it doesn't get much bigger than our 6'6" animatronic gorilla robot. This guy is redefining creative business marketing, and he'd love to help you get attention at your next convention. Available in five different colors (one classic natural and the rest bright) and arriving with his own 21" x 36" sign and letters, the gorilla robot will turn heads wherever you put him.
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Convention, Trade Show and  Event PhotographyConvention Photography: What better way to remind your guests of your convention display long after the convention has ended than with a customized photo? We use computer technology to place your visitors' pictures on a background of your choice, providing a unique keepsake that guests will enjoy long after the trade show. You can choose from a variety of different backgrounds, picking the one that is best for your particular industry. Because people rarely throw away their own picture, they'll likely put it somewhere within easy sight, reminding them constantly of your display and ensuring that your trade show marketing keeps on working.
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Video Game Attractions, attract a crowd at your booth. Great for electronics conventions!Video Game Attractions: Who can resist the fun first video games like Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, and Galaga? Everyone will have to step up and try them, bringing a crowd of potential gamers and onlookers right to your convention marketing booth. People will connect with you over the game, reminiscing and enjoying a fun challenge at the very same time.
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Customizable Scratch Off Cards, a great Convention marketing strategy for drawing in attendeesCustomizable Scratch Off Cards: Let your attendees test their luck and try for a prize that you determine! Use these as part of a quick trade show marketing effort to get better booth attendance, or employ them as part of a larger trade show marketing strategy. Whatever you choose, these scratch off cards are sure to get attention!
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Plinko Boards for Conventions and Trade ShowsPlinko Boards: It's part chance, part skill, all Plinko. Let your attendees bounce a chip down the Plinko board on the chance that it will land in a prize spot. When it does, they'll win one of the prizes you select: customized giveaways, free samples, vouchers, anything you can imagine and would care to give out.
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Plinko Boards for Conventions and Trade ShowsToss N' Win: Our Toss N' Win game could not be easier for you to set-up, customize or operate. This lightweight game is great for arena and stadium concourses, tradeshows, customer appreciation, bank promotions, annual meetings, school fairs, fund-raising events, and family get-togethers.
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Display N' Play: This sturdy, attractive activity board is efficient for showcasing flat items and ideal for playing a variety of group games. Easy to mount on a wall or set up with the attached metal stand, the Display & Play is convenient to transport and store. Showcasing with the Display & Play is simple; just set it up and insert items into the 15 clear pockets.
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Raffle Drums for Convention contests and giveawaysRaffle Drums: Nothing beats a raffle when it comes to creating specific draw to your booth. Make it known that there will be raffles throughout the day, and you'll find customers circling back to your booth just to check and see if anything is happening yet. Or announce specific times, and watch the attendees flock to your station! You can distribute tickets the day of, or mail them out to attendees beforehand, notifying them of the big drawing. Want to supercharge your trade show marketing power? Have attendees pick a raffle number after filling out a contact card.
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Search Engine Submission ServicesSearch Engine Submission Services: Get your website seen by confirmed attendees and potential visitors alike. We will list you with over 200 search engines, making sure you're visible when it counts!
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Guide to Trade Show and Convention Marketing

Whether you choose customized trade show marketing giveaways or cash cube money machines, our trade show marketing tools make a lasting impression on clients, ensuring that your products, company, and brand are in the front of every mind long after the trade show is over.

When you spice up your trade show display, the leads always follow. And the more leads you have at the event itself, the more sales you'll have during and after. Attendees will visit and stay to fill out your contact form, or fill out the form just for a chance to try out one of your exciting trade show attractions.

These exciting trade show attractions allow you to collect contact information for leads, and keeps them engaged at your trade show booth long enough to engage in memorable conversation, and give you ample time to hand out information about your products and services. Better yet, you can distribute branded gifts that will remind your attendees about your company in the future.

For many companies, trade shows are the most powerful marketing they do all year. The contacts generated from one successful trade show event are often enough to keep your sales people busy all year round. Don't let the other companies at the trade show steal the spotlight - you've committed to a display, now make the most of it and get the best experience with the most leads possible.


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